Photo by Casa BRIRO

I’m Kevin Coleman, an artist of many mediums. Some of my day is spent writing code, some designing interfaces, some teaching students, and some meeting clients. One of my favorite creative forms is the utterly physical: ceramics. Throwing clay on a wheel takes many of the skills needed for design and development (critical analysis, determination…), but it also takes something a little harder to define. It takes a measured, careful, physical connection with what I’m creating. It takes a sense of feeling and patience; balance and ambition.

My hand after glaze dipping.

KEVO Ceramics is the result of my discovery of this very tactile form of creation. As I create more and more pieces I plan to offer them here for two purposes: observation and sharing. I believe we can learn so much from the things we touch and use. Every time we use a thing we not only develop an emotional connection to it but we also lengthen our history with it. It grows to become an old friend. I want to share the experience with you of connecting with the pieces I make (which is why pieces are for sale), but I also want this to be a place you can come to see and experience the history and emotion I’ve developed with my own ceramic style and pieces.

Photo by Casa BRIRO

As my studio space brims full of pieces I’m ready to sell they’ll become available here. Come back regularly to see what I’m creating and to see if you might just find that new friend you can grow old with.

I would also be amiss not to mention my blessings. I get to work under the guidance of Steven Miller (ig / .com) at Walla Walla University’s ceramics studio. I’ve already learned pretty much everything I know from Steve, and I’m excited to get to always learn more.